About Me

My name is Romina, I’m a fashion stylist and painter based in Nuremberg. Originally, I’m from Buenos Aires where I’ve studied arts at the Academy of fine arts.
I’m engaged with all aspects of art. I have designed and painted both stage settings for theatres and big outside wall paintings.
Fashion has always been one of my main passions – the composition of shapes, lines and colours has a special appeal to me.
I work in different teams on a regular basis but also develop concepts for photo shootings and motion picture independently.


adidas Original, Neo, Y-3, C&A, Clockhouse, Puma, Fenty Rihanna Puma, Ulla Popken, Babywalz, Birkenstock, Swarovski, Siemens, Schwab Versand , Kern Schuhe, Alpha Tauri.

Huf Magazine, Cake Magazine, Clivia Magazine, Kaltblut Magazine, OE Magazine, Emirates Woman, L’officiel Lituania, Latest Magazine.


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